two paths diverging in the woods

Choose Your Path

“I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John14:5-7)

two paths diverging in the woods

This passage has been the cause of great confusion amongst sincere seekers of Truth and the source of much harm inflicted by those who have used this statement as an excuse for exclusivity and superiority.

This statement was made by the Cosmic Christ through the Master, Jesus.  This Christ is the only begotten Son/Sun of God and is not the property of any one religion or philosophy.  Followers of the Christ predate the 2000+ year history of what most people think of as “Christianity”.  As such, the WAY is Universal and Eternal.

The WAY is the path of cosmic initiation that brings the initiate ever closer to the God Being Within.  This Great Self is all there is.  There is nothing else.

Although the WAY is universal it has been accessible through many religions or through various mystery schools over the thousands of years of man’s history.  These unique paths have been made available to humanity so each unique soul could find a path that specifically resonated with them at a given time in the soul’s journey from lifetime to lifetime.

It is important that each seeker find that path that speaks to them, that feels like home.  By aligning themselves with a specific path they avail themselves of the spiritual transmission and transformative power of that path.  Once they discover the Light within and have seen Self they can then see and know just how true are the words “All is One” and can fully appreciate the spiritual golden thread that runs through all paths.

In the meantime it is important for the seeker to stay focused on their Teacher and path and fully absorb the transmission of Light, Life and Love that will bring them to the Realization of Self and God.


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